Stiletto Sprint

This post was originally published on, and is reproduced here (primarily to try to keep my writing in one spot).

This is such a Canadian event. More than that, it is a totally Toronto event.

On the morning of September 11th, 2009, one of the local charities in the city that deals with the effects of cancer on women will be sponsoring a Stiletto Sprint: a chance for women to race each other in 3-inch heels for several cash awards, including the grand prize of $10,000. Women will compete in a series of 50m dashes for the chance to race in the final 100m race. I was pleased to hear that guys are not left out; there will be one race where men can compete, similarly in heels. I thought about trying it, but I know that I gave away my heels when I moved north from Arkansas. And I wasn’t very steady on them anyway. Though I do know some guys who would be able to compete quite effectively. The only thing is, the prize for the guys is only $1000. They say that’s because we don’t need as many shoes as they do, but they obviously don’t know the same guys I’ve known…!

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