Glenn Beck and Fox News

Glenn Beck: Fabian Socialism and Devaluation of Human Life

I’m trying not to “pick on” or “antagonize” other Gather members, so I won’t link to the original post on which I found this video. However, I did recently publish my own post on Fox News North (Bowles-Gather & Bowles-Wordpress, 2010), and this link was left as a comment (for some reason) on that post. (I hate linking to Fox News, (Fox News, 2010) but sometimes it’s necessary… the video speaks for itself.) Perhaps the person commenting was trying to portray the “benefit” of Fox News: all she did was to illustrate exactly why I do not want the network to cross the border. As one of the people who would be considered to be the subject of this video (one whom they would describe as being of a more “Progressive” persuasion, which would include most of my country) I can tell you that this piece is nothing more than lies and propaganda (and those are the least emotional words I can come up with). Following is the comment that I left on the video post itself, and some added text to round out my thoughts:


Wow. I watched this whole thing and am surprised… no shocked (and it takes a lot to shock me) at the mix of actual news items that can only be called “extremes” and weird lies that I’ve never heard before. There is a complete disregard for reality in this presentation. Both are associated together to discredit moderate perspectives. To present it as anything other than fiction is therefore ludicrous; to use it as a point in any argument would be silly. I have heard both good and bad comments about Mr. Beck previously, and had been planning (for a couple of years, actually) on looking in to his politics and his perspectives. If this is at all typical I can see that he is nothing but an extremist and a dishonest activist. I’m glad I haven’t wasted my time before now.

It would be the same thing if you took the historical realities of the Jonestown suicides and the teachings of Fred Phelps and used them to illustrate “typical” Christianity… or, according to Mr. Beck’s “Doctrine of Inevitability of Gradualism” (which, as far as I know, is a complete Conservative construct… this is the first time I’ve ever heard of it) eventually (or inevitably) all Christian churches become something equivalent to Jonestown or Westboro Baptist. Mr. Beck’s “theories” fall in to the same category. Most of us understand that the two examples are extremes and are not representative of the core: but Mr. Beck has chosen extreme examples and used them to debase distantly related groups.

If you want to find out what a Progressive person really thinks, try asking one. (I’m always available and will respond, but I can count on my fingers the number of times a conservative associate has asked me a specific question about my views on such topics as these.) I note that Mr. Beck tells people at the beginning to do “his/her own research”. How many have done that? Have you actually looked up these extremes or been thorough and explored what Progressives/Socialists say about themselves? I also note that he never tells people to talk to the “other side”. I can tell you: very few of us (myself included) agree with most of what he has described in this video.

This is what I think should be called a good piece of propaganda. The technique has been used around the world to portray the “benefits” of different political regimes, including religious extremism and communism. We in the west have similarly used it to deride those same political stands. Now Mr. Beck is using it (with great success, apparently) on Americans. I am totally unsurprised that it is on Fox News.

In the presentation, Mr. Beck started with an interview that portrays a woman saying she would smother a “suffering” child and made the (apparently obvious, at least to him) connection to abortion. Perhaps that is where he established his connections to conservative bedfellows. Although I support the right to choose with regard to having a child, I do not support the “smothering” of any one (or any thing). I do support my own right to chose to die with dignity, and (especially after my accident) have left written instructions to “pull my plug” if I am in another coma and am considered brain dead. But that is solely my choice: and my plug. He also quoted George Bernard Shaw saying “If you can’t justify your existence, if you’re not pulling your weight in the social boat… then clearly we cannot use the organization of our society for the purpose of keeping you alive”. It should be clear to anyone who knows me, now caring for my mother (at home) who has advanced Alzheimer’s and can barely remember her children: that I do not agree with Mr. Shaw and am actively working to support her life with as much dignity as we can muster until she dies.

However, beyond all the above little skirmishes into falsehood and misrepresentation, and a reality that is unique to the Conservative mind: that is minor compared to the political garbage that he wraps up with.

Progressivism = Marxism = “Fabian Socialism” = “the same thing” = the same pool of people”

I am, by Mr. Beck’s definition, a Progressive (near as I can tell). I can certainly speak to Marxists, and some are friends: but then I can say the same thing about Conservatives. Most of my readers know I graduated from Moody Bible Institute and have worked with and in conservative churches. I’ve always thought that was a good thing, being able to understand “the other side”, so that we could try to reach common ground. (Indeed: we were taught to do that at Moody.) I didn’t realize that by thinking we had “common ground” I thus became one of “the same pool of people”. By looking at everyone who disagrees with you as being opposed on every side, any kind of communication, any compromise, is rendered impossible. This would seem to be the calling card of Mr. Beck, and is certainly what I associate with Fox News.

Such an idea is: silly, to say the least (I would have said “idiotic” but it is obvious the man is not an idiot). He is an ideologue who is dangerous in that he cannot see beyond his own perspective: ironically, exactly as was Karl Marx. In George Bush’s day we criticized him for saying “if you’re not for us, you’re against us”. This is the same kind of thing, but on a universal political front rather than a military front. It is apparently more effective: it does not draw the lines of exclusion as directly as Mr. Bush did, but it draws them nonetheless, and “circles the waggons” to fight against anyone who does not agree with Mr. Beck. “Progressives” have nothing to do with “Marxists”: other than to consider ideas portrayed by Marxists for their merits… rather than rejecting them simply because they’re Marxist. Marxism and socialism are considered to be the “bad words” (or the “bad politics”) of the day and Mr Beck is trying to associate the two with progressiveness, and with everyone else he disagrees with.

Read up about Progressive: and don’t just read the conservative opinions on the subject. Read what Progressives say about themselves. You might be surprised.

This post was originally published on, and is reproduced here (primarily to try to keep my writing in one spot).

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