Cowboys and Aliens

Today was the August Civic Holiday in Canada: for me it is one of my favourites because there are no responsibilities or expectations associated with the day. It is just a day off. For me, this year, I had fun with the family and we all went out. I’ve been buying half-priced Groupons for about the last six months, and finally used a few of them. We went to the Canadian Air and Space Museum at Downsview Park this morning, and in the late afternoon went to see Cowboys and Aliens. Both were enjoyable: and since both had been paid for, my sense of indulgence was countered by an equal sense of efficiency.

I’m good at building a “willing suspension of disbelief”, so it’s not hard for me to enjoy some of the oddest movie subjects. “Cowboys and Aliens” was no exception. It is true that it took two of my fondest (but contradictory) subject worlds and combined them: my experience as Rodeo Director and enjoyment of science fiction was rolled in to one film, and there was enough action and suspense to keep me buoyed up through the whole thing. I enjoyed the work of Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig, in roles that I had not really expected. I even found myself emotionally tied to the characters a few times: and I was pleased that “dog” (whose name I never managed to figure out during the show) made it from the first scene to the last.

So it was a pretty good movie: not nearly as bad as it could have been with such a difficult title. And considering it was a half-price ticket, I enjoyed it even more.


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