I’ve been involved with “Groupons” for about six months. One of the reasons: I love living in Toronto because of the cultural and ethnic events that happen every week of the year. But I often can’t afford them. It’s terrible to live in a place where there is so much activity and to not feel the freedom to explore them because of financial pressures. “Groupons” help to solve this problem for me. They are dinners at restaurants or nights at events that are discounted: usually as much as 50%. There is a minimum number required to purchase in order for the company or group offering the Groupon to get some profit: what they lose in cost they gain in volume. We’ve bought several dinners, a membership at the Art Gallery of Ontario, a class in making wine and admission to museums. They try to choose offers for me that are keyed to my area, in the northwest of Toronto: although I’ve also purchased a number of them downtown, near subway stops. All in all, I’ve had a very positive experience with them. Redeeming them has been no problem: they know exactly what I’m talking about and it has all worked very smoothly.

One of the best things for me is that, in a city where there is so much available, my Groupons have helped me to try new things and support local enterprises. If I can go to a good restaurant and save $20 on the cost of a night out, why not? There are so many new things to explore in Toronto, this helps me to enjoy our nights out at a substantially reduced cost.

If you’ve never tried Groupons, my recommendation would be a positive one. They are also trying to attract new clientèle: and to so so they offer $10 to anyone who encourages someone to try the site. So if you’re thinking of doing so, instead of just going to the site why don’t you try using my link? If you decide to actually purchase something through the service, I’ll be credited $10. You won’t notice any difference either way; I’ll just get credit for being the one who recommended the site. Note that it does not go to some weird site; it goes directly to the “Groupon” home domain.


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