I have been working with the Maloca community garden for some years now; the garden itself is associated with York University and I am one of the few community members. Most of those who work in the garden have attended classes or been students; I’m on the executive committee as representing the general public. It is, after all, a “community garden”: but at the same time it is supported by the university, so the students lead. I have a number of pictures from previous years on my flickr site. This year has been more productive than some of the previous years, but I’ve been busy in other areas of my life so have not had time to publish my pictures.

I have it in my mind that I’ve grown cucumbers previously; I like cucumbers and I would enjoy picking them from the garden. This year I tried to grow the vines as ground-cover; most of my plants are fairly large (tomatoes, peppers, leeks) and after they’ve been established it’s good to have something growing between them. My cucumbers have been doing a good job at that, though not good enough to keep the rabbits and groundhog from munching on my cauliflower. I watched my first cucumber fruit as it grow and eventually turned yellow: I was told (a little too late) that cucumbers should be harvested much earlier or they turn “sour”. But at least it I can apparently keep the seeds for next year.

So the next one I harvested earlier, before it turned yellow. Much more palatable, this one became the filling in a couple of cucumber sandwiches. But they were not the usual large, green fruit I expect in supermarkets. Then they started coming full force. One day I harvested three (small, but ripe) fruits that were wonderful. We made Shopska Salad and it was great.

I can see that I still have to learn more about growing them, but it is a good beginning.

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