Photographer Refuses to “Snap”

I wish more of us were like this.

From the Huffington Post: “A Pennsylvania photographer has chosen not to photograph a group of high school girls for their senior portraits after she found evidence of the teens bullying other students on Facebook.

Jennifer McKendrick, a photographer from Pennsylvania, chose to cancel the appointments of some high school girls who were to have their senior pictures taken when she found that they had made nasty comments on Facebook. Ms McKendrick took screen shots of the offensive posts, emailed the students and their parents, and wrote about it on her blog. I went to her Facebook page and, when people said there have been “hundreds” of supporting comments, they’re not kidding. I tried to scroll back to the original post (now six days ago) and gave up when it took me twenty minutes to scroll back a single day. The copy that you see at right is actually off her blog.

For the most part, people have been obviously supportive. But some have not. Ms. McKendrick has not identified these girls to the media, so any embarrassment has been indirect: except, of course, to their immediate classmates who saw them post the actual comments. I don’t know how people can be so shallow, as to rebuke M. McKendrick for her actions of pointing out bad behaviour and refusing to be a part of it. Too many of us just sit back and hope someone else will do something. I’m glad she’s getting as much support as she is.

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