ESRI User’s Conference: Toronto 2011

 I attended the Toronto ERUC (Esri Canada Regional User’s Conference) this year on October 4th. Since I worked at the Toronto office for almost two years, it was good to see people again. There are a lot of us “Ex-Esri” employees moving about (the newest term is “Exri”).

The sessions were great. I attended one that described how the government of Ontario (“Land Information Ontario”) is moving forward to improve openness, transparency and efficiency when reporting to the people of the province. I knew most of this, since I work with the government, but it was good to see it expressed in such a public place. I also saw an excellent presentation on Open Data and the city of Toronto. They are proceeding very well and making their applications quite useful to the world.

I took a number of pictures this year, as I’ve done before: they are (a small subset) on Facebook and (the fuller version) Flickr.

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