There was a fine collection of food at the St. John’s York Mills evening service potluck on Sunday, October 30th. (It’s an Anglican Church: we had a couple of bottles of wine. That is something unheard of in previous church potlucks I’ve attended.) We chose to celebrate “All Saints Day” in the service: although many of the decorations centred around the harvest or the traditional pumpkins, bats and spiderwebs, the theme of the evening focused on the fact that, under the new covenant of Jesus, we are all “saints” as a “priesthood of believers”. As such, there was a real challenge to consider that we are all chosen by God, individually. God considers each of us special, unique, and precious. Much though many of us don’t feel that we are worthy of such consideration (and in many ways we’re not) the fact is that we have been chosen in our own individual ways. That being said, it is important to recognize that now and become as worthy as we can of the choice. Each of us has our own “story” about how we have become holy (set apart) and how we have not been chosen because our actions: but, in recognizing that we are chosen, have found our actions following. It was an interesting discussion, both during the “Gathering” time (the sermon) and afterwards. There are pictures on my flickr site: and do you know how difficult it is to avoid taking pictures of people eating during a potluck???

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