Komen Foundation: Addendum

I wrote a post on an action I thought was wrong: I therefore respectively submit a post on its correction. The Susan G. Komen Foundation has reversed its decision not to fund Planned Parenthood. I think this deserves applause.

I found out about it when I logged in to Facebook. One of my friends in Arkansas, where I discovered Susan G. Komen, had posted a positive note: “for making the right decision to insure that women who do not have careers or politician husbands may have affordable healthcare…” I was shocked and immediately thought: I must have missed something. And I had. The Foundation had reversed their previous decision. I don’t really care what the original reason behind the policy was: I’m glad that the group has decided to work with the bulk of the people who support them.

In the responses to that reversal, I did note a couple of sad items. Although Planned Parenthood is known in some camps mostly for “services to prevent unintended pregnancy” (as in, planning one’s parenthood), they do much more: including helping women with regards to breast cancer (Planned Parenthood). If the Komen Foundation (or their supporters) are so concerned about their donations being used to fund abortion, they have every right to ask for assurance that this is the case. It is unfortunate, though, that their funds will have to be used to hire an accountant and auditor and lawyer and who knows what else, rather than helping the women who need it. Thus the wheels of Corporate America turn, crushing the man (or woman) underneath.

The comments that I read were excellent examples of the attitude of the highly vocal minority who generates this kind of controversy… and is so divisive in America. The Foundation has supported Planned Parenthood for at least half a decade… and there was not a peep about it. Nothing has actually changed: nothing is different from how it was a week ago. People continued to walk in the walks, and donate: breast cancer spread and women were helped. There was no big upheaval in the ranks of women’s charities: except that some conservative supporters decided that the Komen Foundation did not live up to the “character” they wanted. And they let it be known to the leaders of the Foundation. Up until then it was a local issue: at least I’d never heard of it. But the Foundation was foolish enough to dignify that concern with a response. Two days of public wrangling: and the only result is that now their entire support-base is polarized, so one half won’t donate no matter what is decided. And the Foundation will thus receive less money. Hopefully other organizations will be able fill the gap.

The only people who lose here are women with breast cancer who need the services.

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