Family Day

Today was the province of Ontario’s attempt at a “Family Day”; a day when we are supposed to relax a bit and spend 24 hours with our families. I did so; I went out with my husband this morning in search of some shopping, but everywhere was closed. Seriously. Even Wal-Mart. Tim shook his head as we came back, empty handed. He seemed to be implying: “If you can’t shop on Family Day, then what else is there to do?”

Anyway, I was glad it was such a hefty holiday. Most people got it off. And most of us were able to appreciate our families in some small way.

My only difficulty: I hope this isn’t the only time people spend with their families. And if it isn’t, why do we need it? I’m hardly one to look a gift horse in the mouth, especially in the middle of February. I certainly enjoyed the day off. And I enjoyed my family. But that’s part of the difficulty. Much though we receive all the benefits of a legal definition of being a family, we are not necessarily accepted by everyone as such. I cannot help but feel for my friends in the U.S., where they have no recognition at all. Knowing that we have the benefits doesn’t help much in knowing that my “extended” family is still fighting for such rights.

Perhaps next February I’ll celebrate a more inclusive, “Community Day”.


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