Make Your own Wine… Bottling


I posted a couple of months ago about the start of our wine-making adventure. That was back when we added the yeast; about a week ago we got a note that it was ready to bottle. So we made an appointment and proceeded. They had it planned so that there were 2 or 3 people in the work area at any one time, completing the wine as we were. It actually fun.

All the equipment was there. With two people, it went quickly to bottle, cork, seal and label the wine. A couple of pictures are at right. (More are on my flickr page.) We did have to pay for bottles: which can be reused the next time we make wine. In total, it took less than an hour’s work, and we came out with over 30 bottles of wine. I’ll even add a plug for the company we worked with, because they did a great job: The Wine Butler. Although palatable now, it will only improve as it ages over the next few months.

We met a mother-daughter team who were also bottling that night (Donna & Michelle). They asked if we wanted to try some of their wine; they were making two kinds. We actually traded a bottle of each.

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