My Anniversary

It was our wedding anniversary (Tim’s and mine) March 28th: during which I was on a bit of a hiatus from posting, so there was no immediate recognition. T’was more of a quiet affair. But it did happen: and it was a bit of a humorous event. Although we knew that the fifth anniversary was traditionally “wood”, we had been calling this our “burger” anniversary. There is a burger place in our immiate neighbourhood (we like to support local businesses) where we have been planning to go for a long time. We showed up on the evening of our celebration… only to discover that they are primarily a lunch establishment, and close at 4pm.
However: I did get my anniversary present. This year it was a giant peanut butter cup. I took a picture of it on our table, but soon realized that you couldn’t really tell how big it was because of the lack of perspective regarding this photo. I was looking around for something to put beside the package… when Sam (the cat) jumped up on the table and volunteered to be my subject.
So I got a picture of him (which Tim will never see) and then swatted him off the table. He reminds me of Whatsit (my last cat) in his enjoyment of table-sitting.

So this anniversary turned into the chocolate anniversary. Not that I mind very much. They should all have an element of chocolate.

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