Pedestrian Struck

I was out for my jog this morning, only an hour or so ago, when I noticed that Finch Avenue was closed near our townhouse. So I jogged past the intersection, and saw a collection of police, ambulances and fire trucks. Tim was watching a cooking program when I got home and told him; then we noticed the sound of helicopters flying overhead. He said we should check the news channels to figure out what had happened. On the first click of the button we got the news of a pedestrian struck on the major street outside our home (CP24, Apr 2). The news is quick.

There is an investigation happening right now: with the recent increase of pedestrian fatalities in the city, authorities want to get the story right. It is very unfortunate when these kinds of things happen: but with the general increase in carelessness on the part of both pedestrians and drivers, it is bound to happen. I would not be surprise to learn that there was a cell phone involved.

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