New Year’s Eve 2012

This was a busy year. Not necessarily busier than most, but I spent a bit more time trying to wrap things up bring things to a close. I did a little less blogging than I’d intended, particularly for the last few months. But as the year draws to a close, I feel it’s important to look back on how we danced with those around us and enjoyed the year.

Although I was less consistent with my blogging, I did keep up my “Daily Pictures” on Flicker, in which I was able to journal something happening in my life since mid-July of 2011. I hope to expand these in 2013, connecting to Gather and Wordpess. One nice thing about that project is that now, at the end of the year, I have some great visual reminders of things I did last year. Some highlights: we went camping on Rice Lake; I went to a conference in San Diego (which still apparently needs some updating!); visited the McMicheal Gallery; I got two Emerald Awards from the province; saw Kathleen Wynne present at the BIST “Run, Walk & Roll“; and at work I started a management training program and a found a new mentor. All in all, an excellent year.

And as the New Year approaches, I will be performing the traditional First Foot activities again this year. Last year we had good fortune; I can only hope for the same in 2013. This year we were invited to some friends’ house for a potluck and games night and ringing in the new year; I believe this marks our first night out on for the New Year since we came back from Arkansas. So I’ll be First Footing their home as well. I’ll have some coin (a toonie) for good financial fortune, and bread (home made focaccia loaf) to signify plenty of food. A lump of coal (or charcoal) marks warmth, salt represents flavour (not pictured), and of course a drop of whiskey (or a pocket flask, anyway) helps with good cheer. I wish I could provide the same good fortune to all my friends and readers around the world, but it’s hard to First Foot around the globe. (Next year I might try to come up with a virtual equivalent? Although I seem to have come up with the same idea two years ago, on Gather.) As we prepare for midnight, we hope that we will be blessed with another productive year.


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