The Arch (Yearbook): Thoughts and Memories

Last year, a friend and I went back to Moody Bible Institute for our 25th Anniversary Founder’s Week, a chance to reconnect both for the two of us and for our class. There was a small contingent, and we had our picture taken by the Alumni Association. At some point they must have put it on Flickr; and only a couple of days ago I discovered the image. I’ve reconnected with a number of friends from those days, and thought they’d be interested.

But one of my more recent friends from here in Toronto expressed an interest in what I would have been like… back then. And indeed, there has been a change. I went back and pulled out my old yearbook… The Arch… and looked up what I’d done, all those years ago. I’d been fairly involved in the yearbook: not just as a photographer, but as a writer as well. Re-reading my articles now, I remember where I was back then… my struggles and thoughts, hopes and dreams. It’s been twenty five years since then… I’ve taught in churches, preached in churches; received degrees and honours; a coma and brain injury; married a woman and now a man. And even though I’m sure that many of my brethren would disagree with some of the paths that God has led me to explore, my perspective remains very much the same. If anything, I’m more honest now.

So the photo above is me and some of the other “Seniors” (we don’t call them “Seniors” in Canada… up here I think they’re just called “graduates”) who happened to be grouped next to me in the yearbook… and of whom I have very fond memories of most. Below there are also links to digitized copies of two of the short pieces I wrote for that yearbook.

My Apologies, Dr. Culby

Signs and Wonders

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