Summer Solstice 2013

RainbowI love this time of year. The long days, the early summer warmth; in Canada in particular, it’s a great time to go camping and be outdoors. (Arkansas is getting a bit too hot already.) It’s a time of feeling close to nature. This year’s summer solstice (the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere) came very close to the month’s full moon, just two days later. And it happened to be a “supermoon”, when the full moon occurs at the moon’s perigee (closest point in the moon’s orbit). Just a week earlier, I got some great shots of a rainbow that appeared outside my house in the northwest part of Toronto.

This year I celebrated the solstice with a couple of events. The first was our pub night with the Ontario Public Service Pride Network, which we celebrated along with Ryerson University at their on-campus pub, the Rye in the Ram. We had dinner and drinks and some time to just relax and enjoy ourselves, the first event of what would be a long June (Pride) season this year. Then I came back to my neighbourhood in the northwest of the city and joined in at the end of the Maloca Community Garden’s celebration of Solstice at the York University campus. On the way past I snapped some pictures of some of the local soccer players. Also lots of fun, we played ball and croquet and did some weeding (with scissors that were entirely too small). It was there, as the sun finally set and twilight faded (about 9:00 or 9:30) that I got my pictures of the moon.

Pictures are available on my Flickr site:

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