BIST summer meeting 2013

Every year during the summer, the Brain Injury Society of Toronto moves its meeting to a local park and we have an evening picnic, where we can enjoy personal interaction that is a bit more in tune with nature than our usual meetings, which are in the midst of the downtown North York part of Toronto at Yonge Street and Eglinton Ave. (Yonge and Eg, for those who know.) Much though the city meetings are wonderful and accessible and energetic, the summer picnics have their own special flavour. In spite of my involvement over the last several years, this was my first time to that I was available. It was, in fact, my first time in High Park at all, so I particularly enjoyed getting lost as I tried to find where we were set up. But I did find it, and the evening was very successful.

It started with a brief walking tour of the park; in spite of my best efforts I missed that. (But I did get to see different aspects from my car.) Those who had arrived late or chosen not to walk socialized when I first got there; then when the others returned we made some efforts to get to know each other and learn about those in attendance. We had a wonderful pizza dinner, and then took a group picture. The larger mass broke into groups afterwards. Kat and Michelle and Mary Ellen did a wonderful job of coordinating the various events after dinner: from cards and Yahtzee to boccie and badminton.

Originally published on the Toronto Brain Injury Blog.
The pictures at right are from the set on my Flickr page.

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