Maloca Garlic Festival

All around the city of Toronto this time of year and for the next couple of months, there are “Garlic Fests” happening. The biggest will be the “Toronto Garlic Festival” (Toronto Garlic Festival, 2013), which will be held at the Brickworks September 22nd. (The Brickworks is where we attended the Pollinator Festival in June, 2012.) This is about the time of year when garlic that was planted last year can be harvested, and so we pulled up our plants at the Maloca Community Garden.

A couple of us had cleaned off a lot of the weed growth the last time we did chores; so that made it easier this time to get to the bulbs and remove them from the soil. We had a number of different types planted in rows; so we saved a bulb of each type (marking the row it came from) for next year. But we still extracted more than sixty bulbs. There were only a handful of us who had trudged through the evening air to attend, so we got a bit of a windfall. Indeed: I was late and missed the majority of the picking of the bulbs (I’d miscalculated the time necessary to travel from downtown in rush hour) but I got some great pictures of the last half of the process.

So we pulled up the bulbs and organized their use; then we dug over the lad where the garlic had been planted. We spread a couple of loads of home-made (slightly weedy) compost over the soil. In preparation for next year, the intention is to plant alfalfa there on our next work day, to try to keep the weeds at bay and the soil active.

The pictures at right are selected from a set on my Flickr account.

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