Maloca Zucchini Fest

The turnout for the work day was small today (well, yesterday: August 13), but effective. I took a number of pictures (as usual) and they are presented at right and on my flickr blog. This is one of my favourite times of year with regard to the garden, precisely because it’s an in-between time: well after the planting and young plant stage, but a little bit before the general harvest. This is the time of maintenance, when we get the garden more in shape for the returning students in the fall. We had a fair number of zucchini in the garden today, and lots of leafy vegetables before they go to seed. Indeed, I caught my basil just before it flowered and managed to get some. Fortunately I’ve pinched it before and knew what to do.

But the pictures! Mélisanne is very proud of our big squash; we haven’t figured out exactly what it is yet, but it’s pretty big. I had to get her in the pictures for perspective. She was also quite pleased with our asparagus: which should yield something edible in a few years if left to itself. Then there’s the general plethora of yellow and green zucchini (we had some for dinner tonight, and I’ll be making zucchini bread before the weekend). Alex was there, working on weatherproofing our work-table. There were a number of attractive flower pictures: and after we tried to clean up the grape plant a little we found several clumps of grapes under the leaves. I got everything home and soaked some of the greens (such as the lettuce) in cold water for a couple of hours to try to leach out some of the bitterness that comes as the plants mature. The was quite successful (there are pictures of our lettuce drying).

My big chore this afternoon was weeding: and big weeding at that. Mélisanne brought along her garden knife, which I used to hack at some of the larger burr-bushes (burdock). I believe, in fact, that I got most of the bushes in the midst of the garden. I started a weed-compost pile across from the water tank: a place where weeds can rot and return to the soil, and where we won’t be distributing their seeds into our plots. (I tried to get a picture of it, but without some sort of reference for scale it didn’t really work.)

Overall it was a successful afternoon: the garden is looking a bit cleaner, less wild, and I got some exercise. We retrieved a good bit of harvest.

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