Half a Century Party

Thirteen and a half years ago (approximately), on February 2nd, 1996, we celebrated my “third of a century” birthday party. My birthday is October 2nd, so when I was 33 and 4 months we partied. Everything had to do with three and thirds. We listened to LPs all night… 33⅓ RPM. We tried for three versions of our different snacks. (Chips in regular, BBQ and salt ‘n vinegar flavours.) We were trying for 27 kinds of liquor (3 cubed… 33) but I don’t think we actually made it, in spite of being in a college town in Pennsylvania. But overall we had an enormous amount of fun (three times the normal party???) and I vowed to do a “Half a Century” party when the time rolled around.

That time is now.

On October 5th we will be celebrating the half a century mark. (Though technically that day I will be 0.500082 of a century in age… I’m also only accurate to three decimal places.) Now in general, many people don’t really like recognizing this kind of serious benchmark in their lives, so although many of my cohort are going through it this year, we’re not going to identify who. So this is a party for: those of us who are turning fifty, those of us who look forward to turning fifty, and those of us who remember that birthday with fondness. It is a landmark that should not be glossed over.

It’s actually a fairly open invitation. The celebration will begin at 7:00pm with some food and drink; we’ll be making a pot of chilli that will be open as long as it lasts. There will be other munchies and such available though the evening. We are not asking anyone to bring anything; although an RSVP would be nice to be sure we have enough of things.

We’ve done this kind of things several times in the past: most notably the “Wake Up Day” celebrations that happen (on or about) May 29th of each year. The tone and flavour of the event depends a lot on who shows up; one time we played “Wtich Trial” (a Cheap-ass Game) until early morning, though usually we just chat about what new or old friends have been doing. Either way, it’s a good way to establish a connection or renew an acquaintance.

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