Half a Century Party: Summary

Over the weekend (the evening of October 5th, 2013) Tim and I hosted the “Half a Century Party”; ostensibly using the excuse of my fiftieth birthday (I’m now ready for Grey Power Insurance: “fifty or over”.There was in invitation on Facebook (Facebook, 2013) and a description on my blog (The Geographer’s Corner, 2013). Most of the guests took it exactly as we’d intended: there was lots of wine and beer and food: plenty of meat for those with Southern pallets (Tim cooked ribs) and lots to compliment the flesh. We did our best to provide fare the variety of guests whom we expected: and people did an excellent job of appetizers and deserts, so that most of it was licked clean by the time we went to bed.

The party was very much a success; although, as in other events we’ve had like this one, the composition of the attendees was a bit of a surprise. There were probably twenty people there over the course of the evening; a great number considering the size of our townhouse and the threat of rain that hovered around us all night. (Yes, I’m still spoiled after the wonderful house we had in Little Rock.) But at one point, fairly early in the evening: I looked out on the people in the house and recognized that many different parts of my life were represented. In fact, I think it’s a testament to those who attended that most of them did not know each other when the night began. But I think we all enjoyed the evening, and certainly enjoyed Tim’s cooking. For this event Tim made ribs and we had chili, and a number of our friends brought lots of wine, and appetizers, and deserts.

This year I remembered to take a few pictures during the celebration; normally Tim and I are so concerned with making sure that everyone is having a good time that I don’t even think of recording the evening. But I snapped a few shots; note that the Sam-cat is running around and looking for attention in several of them. (Yes, we still have The Sam.) And several of my friends asked that I get in a few of the shots. The ones with me, of course, were a little less than fully photogenic, but I included them at right.

Overall, I think it was fun and the time that was appreciated by everyone. We all met new people and most of us learned something about someone else: and really what else is there to a good evening?

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