Ford Traps

Coming in to work today and saw one of those glue trap things: for catching mice, you know? I couldn’t help but think of Rob Ford…

I hate those trap things. They’re cruel and nasty and make things drag on, killing the animal slowly; I’d much rather use the classic *snap* type of trap that kills the mouse instantly. Sort of like with Mr. Ford, where the information about his alleged behaviour is coming out in dribs and drabs, absolutely torturous in its slow revelations: to the Mayor and his family, his office and the people of the city. The combination of the courts and the police and the media seem to be conspiring to make this the longest and most arduous public opinion poll of all time. You can’t help but feel sorry for the guy. I mean, can’t we just get this over…?

Oh, no. I  remember. That “glue trap” is of Ford’s own making. We’ve tried to be gentle; we’ve tried to spare his family and colleagues too much pain and embarrassments. We wanted to do this quietly. All he had to do was resign: and he completely refused. (I believe one word used was “defiantly”.) “Bring it on,” is one of the quotes from Mr. Ford… interspersed with near-tearful apologies, but that’s Mr. Ford. Unlike the mouse of my first comparison, Mr. Ford has built his own mousetrap, poured the glue, and even set the bait. He’s asked for this to come down on him. He’s willfully walked in to the trap and sat down in the middle of the glue… and he’s not asking for help to escape. He wants to do it himself.

Rob Ford deserves everything he gets.

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