Day of the Doctor

Doctor Who” is one of the programs I remember from my youth: one of the shows that most of my contemporaries ridicules, but that I loved: I never really figured out why, except that it was so different, so edgy, so challenging. Although part of my enjoys the current fame of being the longest running science-fiction show on record, there is another part that misses the enjoyment of being one local element, watching on PBS late at night. There was always something about solitude that I felt worthwhile.

That being said, the recent showing of “The Day of the Doctor” was exciting as part of a now global Dr. Who community. The program was shown simultaneously around the world at the same time: her in Toronto at 2:50pm. (I’m assuming the “50”, being the hour fraction and thus common to all the times in all the time-zones, was a tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Doctor.) There was even a 3D showing at a theatre downtown (that I totally would have attended if I’d found out about it more than half an hour beforehand). It was a great combination of Doctors and Tardises (now a word) from many different… eras.

Speaking of Doctors, want to know how to refer to the Doctor who dominated the show last night. My personal favourite is the Doctor played by Tom Baker; classically known as the Fourth Doctor. (You can’t refer to him as the Tom Baker Doctor; within the Doctor Who Universe that just sounds silly.) Numbers have always been important. Stephen Moffat suggests we call him the War Doctor (Metro UK, 2013), but that doesn’t fit the pattern. So I’m going to call him the Zeroth Doctor.

That being settled, I wanted to identify my favourite lines from the show:

The Zeroth Doctor, referring to the sonic screwdrivers being wielded by his subsequent selves: “They’re scientific instruments, not water pistols.”

One of the Zygons, who takes the form of a woman with an inhaler: “I hate it when I get one with a defect.” (With all due respect to those who suffer from asthma and the like.)

Kate Stewart: “Americans with the ability to rewrite history? You’ve seen their movies.” (With all due respect to Americans.)

The Zeroth Doctor speaking to later versions of himself (about the phrase, “timey-wimeyness”): “Do you have to talk like children? What is it that makes you so ashamed of being a grown up?”

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