Toronto Ice Storm

The effects of Toronto’s ice storm may not be completely behind us, but at least we are recovering. In our house, we just got our cable and Internet back after four days without it; this is my first chance to post in days. That may not have been deadly, but it was certainly inconvenient. Most of our devices, from computers to ipads, are relatively useless without a connection to the outside world. We don’t rely on such connections for too much, so we’ve never thought about getting a cell plan with Internet service. Until now.

I took a number of pictures to remember the event: the ones at right are my favourites, but there are more on my Flickr site. We had several ice storms while I lived in Arkansas, but I don’t believe they were generally quite this extensive. In Arkansas the temperature would generally rise above freezing within a day or so after the storm, so trees and walkways could recover. Here in Ontario there is the potential to stay cold for days. Even now, we have a layer of ice topped with snow that makes it look deceptively safe for walking. Crews are just getting to parking lots and side streets, plowing and spreading ice. In some of the areas up north and in pockets of the city I expect the impact of the storm to go on for some days.

Note that even our Razorback on the car antenna was covered with ice. It was cold.

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