Like many people, I enjoy making New Year Resolutions. And, also like many people, many of them end up being broken. Last year I promised myself that I would be more disciplined with my writing; ever since my days at Moody, I’ve been trying to challenge myself to be better at my disciplines. The purpose is to better my life, to achieve goals, to make a difference in the world. Through my disciplines I’ve managed to reach many of those milestones, and I’m hoping to do better at it.

My resolution last year at this time was to write 750 words a day. (Okay: an average of 750 words a day. I wanted to give myself a little slack.) Effectively three pages, at the time I remember that I didn’t really care what I was writing: just that I wanted it to be 750 words. I put together spreadsheets and functions to keep track of exactly how far I’d gotten and how far I was off. I started that in January, almost a year ago: and hoped I would be sufficiently disciplined to keep it up.

Strangely enough, I did. By the middle of April, I was 20 days ahead. But then I faltered. Last August (the 18th, to be precise), I fell behind. And I have to say: there’s nothing worse than working on a project for eight months and then abandoning it… and doing so more inadvertently than anything else. It took me literally months to get caught up: I just reached my average again on Boxing Day (December 26th), and as of this moment (86 minutes before the new year), I’m officially recording that I’ve met my resolution for 2013. 750 words, 365 days: 273,750 words over the course of a year. Some of that material has been published on this blog; much of it is private. And some of it is intended for future collections.

My next year’s goal is going to be slightly higher. Okay: 900 words. Since I’ve managed it once, I’ll be a little more public this time, and maybe even publish my status. Perhaps I’ll even get something published out of it. As I look forward to 2014, I hope this will be effective.

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  1. Bravo, Ian. I think you can do this and I’ll enjoy following what you post.

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