Spin Sisters (2)

I’m reading the book, “Spin Sisters”, by Mryna Blyth, once the editor of “Ladies’ Home Journal”. I’ve discovered it helps to keep notes on a  book as I’m reading: so I’m publishing those as I go along…

When I first picked up this book, I was a little afraid: from the title I was not sure what to expect. Within the first ten pages I was not only reassured, I was outraged. The introduction to the book was insulting, rude, antagonistic: and completely stereotypical of the angry, frustrated conservative. I could not believe that a woman who claimed to stand (at all) for women’s rights had written that drivel about others of her gender, even if she disagreed with them. My biggest impression from those pages was that Ms. Blyth was not only “part of the Girl’s Club whose members  are experts at telling and selling stories to American women” (pg 3), but that, having realized the error of her ways (or, more probably, realizing that younger, prettier versions of herself are reducing the profit she can make through direct exploitation), she’s decided to try to expose them all. If she can’t do it, she’ll throw a wrench into the works for all the rest… probably to keep them from turning on her. Unfortunately her anger is so clear that it makes the rest of the book difficult to take at face value. Even if her points are valid, she seems intent on laying a level of blame that is not only inappropriate, but reflexive.

You may be angry at Hillary Clinton and Barbara Walters, Myrna, but the problem is deeper than any “club”. By venting like this you only embarrass yourself: and make it harder to isolate the real cause (which is a bit more internal). I recently finished another book about media bias called Newspeak: with which I agreed on so many levels. This one is the complete opposite, and appears aimed at an audience that generally angry (so not me). The danger is that Ms. Blyth tries (clumsily) to focus that anger on her ideological enemies, rather than discovering the truth. She may have edited “Ladies’ Home Journal”, but she has neither delicacy nor understanding of her fellow person.

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