Easter Gifts

Easter is a time of renewal. On the spiritual and religious side, Easter is the day we recognize Jesus’ resurrection. It is a day of joy and hope and rebirth. Although reflected in daily activity of the economy, that message can get a little distorted. I don’t mind, as long as we know what the real message is. And sometimes we let that distortion go all the way.

Easter is not as commercialized as Christmas as far as expense and encouragement to purchase gifts: but it is there. Tim and I usually give each other Easter gifts: something small, and sweet, and usually chocolate. This year I gave him my usual standby: chocolate covered pretzels and added some chocolate covered ginger. I loved his gift this year: we usually try to get the maximum experience for minimal expense. This year he got me some purple peeps (I’d not seen those before) and a couple of other chocolates: rather than getting a new Easter bowl, he put them in one of our (re-used) Halloween bowls from Arkansas. Glad we don’t have kids; though efficient, we can get a bit confused on the holiday messages.


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