Ads on YouTube

Okay, I’ll admit it; I’m known to spend some time on YouTube, and I enjoy some of the videos that people have uploaded. Some of the videos are funny; and I’ve even been known to watch an ad or two. Usually YouTube is decent with their targeted ads, though I think it’s funny when I get an ad for a dating site which advertises “Girls! Girls! Girls!”… which I couldn’t be less interested in. It would be one thing if I was just married, but being gay they’ve really missed the mark. I would suggest they look a little closer at the demographics behind the user name. When they mess up, they can really mess up.

As with this one: which struck me as very close to offencive. I actively follow Mike Hudema on twitter, a man involved in Greenpeace whom I fully respect and uphold his message. He tweeted a suggestion to watch a video on YouTube that talks about “Healing Walks”, the fifth and last of which are supposed to happen at the end of this month. More information is available at The video was a series of natural images and native ceremonies contrasted against the violence being perpetrated against the natural world and the people’s protests against that violence. The link is easy to get to [YouTube Link], except for the adds.

So: if that’s all it has been, I would have been… at peace. Not happy, because I know that we are destroying our world. Not relaxed, because I’m motivated to stand up against that violence and greed myself. But at peace: because I know I am actively doing what I can against the those who rape the land and darken the sun.

But while I was watching these videos, the ads kept cropping up… advertising the PC party, asking me to “Say no to Higher Taxes”. I must have refreshed twenty times, and they kept coming up. There was another asking me to “Support lower Energy Prices”. I found these so contradictory to the reason I was viewing the video that I felt a trifle ill. I know the PC party and their ethics and their motivation… and it’s all about business, and exploitation, and only about the environment if they can make a buck at it. It’s anything but (it’s completely opposite to) what I support in the “Healing Walks”. They are the ones whose policies have created this mess. I don’t want to be reminded of their rhetoric or their activities (or even their existence) when supporting the Healing Walks.

Now I’m not saying that the other parties are a lot better; but the PCs are worst.

So no, Mr. Hudak (leader of the Conservative Party): to answer those questions on the ads. I’m not out for lower taxes or energy costs if it burdens the world and future generations with our waste. It’s time you and your party faced the facts. It’s going to take effort and money to correct the environmental mess we find ourselves in, after decades of cheap oil and money-grabbing degradation, which you seem to want to continue. We’ve played in our sandbox and soiled it royally: it’s time to clean it up or we will not be the only ones who have to pay. I pray desperately that you not only don’t rise to power, but that those people in your strongholds, the pristine northland of this province, realize who you are and how you’re out to destroy their lands, and that they vote you out completely.

So everyone, get out there and vote!! Turn around that voter apathy!

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