Red Letter Christians

I realized I’ve not been putting very much up on my blog, so I’m starting afresh this month. Part of the reason is that I feel I’ve been writing a fair bit, that has intersected with my desire to keep up on “The Geographer’s Corner”. A few weeks ago I stumbled across the “Red Letter Christian” site, and with it the discussion community, “Disqus”. I pursued both, and I’ve ended up in a number of interesting discussions. Probably the most powerful for me is that I’ve found… not necessarily a community… but at least some compatriots… who are from similar (or at least parallel) backgrounds to myself. They are men and women who reflect both a conservative side of the Bible in that we agree on its inspiration from God… but struggle with some of the interpretations that, as is recognized today, have resulted in recognized oppression and noticeable harm to people’s lives. Taking our cue from Jesus in Mark 12:30-31 to “love our brothers as ourselves”, we recognize there is something wrong with that situation. Something very wrong.

Coming out on a Christian website (where, of course, I do my best to avoid anonymity and to represent myself as accurately as possible) has been both empowering and liberating. Much though I have spoken many times about the “coming out” process and how, in different aspects of our culture, it is something we (of the LGBTQ community) have to do repeatedly, I find it a little bit different each time… and a little bit frightening. I’ve had some very interesting discussions, and can see where I’ve both affected how others think about certain topics and have been affected myself. I hope to be able to reproduce some of those key thoughts over the next few days.

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