Small Batch Preserving

It’s fall; the weather’s getting cooler and the plants are in full production. This year my work schedule was a little more strict during the day (since I was downtown and my commute was longer), but I still had plenty of time in the evening to work on my plot at Maloca Garden. (Those long summer evenings in Canada are wonderful.)  It was wonderfully productive: especially regarding cucumbers and kale and peppers. So we bought some tomatoes and decided to make some salsa.

We found a recipe in a book called “Small Batch Preserving”. Apparently we overdid it a bit; I think we tripled the recipe and came out with thirteen jars (pictured at right). With my mathematical mind I could not help but think in terms of return on investment: for $4.00 in tomatoes and about $3.00 in cilantro and jalapeño peppers, we probably made $30.00 worth of salsa. That doesn’t include the cost of my time of course, but nor does it reflect that I enjoyed the process and homemade salsa is always better. So very much worth it.

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One Response to Small Batch Preserving

  1. looks delicious! great idea, if i can find the time i would like to start doing this.

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