The Alleged Kitty

I remember when I was at Penn State… many of my friends thought of my then-wife as my “alleged wife” because they had never met her. We ran in different circles; she worked at the library, I was a student in the Geography Department and worked as a waiter at a local restaurant. Apparently even then I had some of the “signs” of being gay (don’t ask), so a lot of people assumed this was my way to try to avoid the issue. Strange how honesty is of so little repute these days that people can just casually assume a person is not being honest about something, and don’t consider that an insult.

Anyway, Pursy is our “Alleged Kitty”. She hides every time some comes over, so that very few people (other than me and Tim, who are more cat than human in Pursy’s eyes) have actually seen her. But she’s not afraid of the camera. Now Pursy is the youngest of our cats, and thinks of herself as the most spry. The big event recently in our house is that we started leaving out a cat feeder so they can eat any time they like… which seems to be working other than that they’ve put on a bit of weight. Pursy can no longer balance on the back of chairs the way she used to… I don’t know that she could ever balance on the back of this one. But she tries.

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