Doug Ford’s “Endorsements”

Recently a variety of groups have come out in favour of different mayors in the Toronto Mayoral Race. Olivia Chow has been backed by a number of “influential women” who are interested in improving the quality of life in the city (Globe & Mail, 2014); while Paul Beeston (CEO of the Blue Jays) has endorsed John Tory’s “strong business sense” (Toronto Sun, 2014). Such endorsements are fairly predictable; both candidates’ platforms reveal their values. For Ms. Chow, she is mostly interested in the person and their activity in the city. For Mr. Tory, he is mostly interested in the profit and how their activity can benefit the city.

Then there’s Doug Ford: who recently went on record as saying that he and his brother don’t need to bother with endorsements. He claims to have “the endorsement of the people” (CBC News, 2014). I would remind him of how that “endorsement” played out over the last year: as illustrated by some of the pictures at right (more on my Flickr site). It was not “political insiders” who stormed city hall; it was not “lobbyists” who wrote these things. It was those who felt disenfranchised by your brother… and by you. It is surprising how quickly we forget, but the last few years of “Ford Nation” control over the city has left it more dysfunctional and more divided than ever. We need a change: someone who is more interested in living in this city than in making a buck off it.

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