Those Campaign Signs…

It’s become apparent over the last few weeks that a lot of campaign signs that have been used to advertise for Doug Ford are illegal. There are a number of rules that stipulate where the signs can be placed: not on city property and not without the permission of the owner are two of the big ones. But in spite of the rules, “Toronto by-law officers have removed 336 illegally placed “Ford for Mayor” signs… Olivia Chow and John Tory have had 25 and 21 signs removed respectively…” (BlogTO, 2014). That’s almost 15 times as many signs for Ford as for either of the other candidates.

The response, from Ford campaign spokesman Amin Massoudi? “As with any campaign, there are volunteers that are not part of the official sign crew team… are not as well-trained and might not know the rules as well…” (Toronto Star, 2014) And this would illustrate one of my problems with the Fords… and apparently with their entire support base, “Ford Nation”. They don’t take responsibility for their actions; they pass the buck. “Oh, we just gave them the signs… but we sort of forgot to tell them that there are rules about where they can put them.“ Obviously all three major contenders have supporters who skirt the edge of the law… it just happens that the Fords have fifteen times as many.

Toronto is a big city, and one which needs rules to function efficiently and function well. The last thing we need is a mayor whose constituency wants him to… and who is quite willing to… cut those corners at the expense of anything he deems as unworthy. (Like libraries, for instance…)

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