Tim and I were talking about where we might want to spend our holidays next year… or at least where we might want to travel and explore. We’ve been east, a bit: to Newfoundland and to explore some along the St. Lawrence through Quebec. Every year (or at least every second year… the next is April of 2015…) we do our pilgrimage to Arkansas for the Rodeo at which I once served as Rodeo Director. And we were planning a visit to England to visit my relatives over there. But we’d like to see more of Ontario… and the city of Thunder Bay came up. I have a few friends we could visit, and… maybe not in the depths of winter… but at least in summer it would be great. Tim was thinking of driving… until he realized that the drive to Thunder Bay nearly 16 hours straight) is almost as long as the drive to Little Rock. When we go, we’ll invest in a flight.

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