Best in Science

For the last few days of November, 2014, I attended our “Best in Science” Symposium, which showcases some of the best scientific achievements achieved by (and funded by) Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change. It’s an interest, but not what I do for my daily job. My biggest focus on the global problem of Climate Change would have been in the mid-nineties, when I was studying geography at Penn State and writing my thesis. A lot has happened since then: but the essential scientific facts were indicative then, indisputable now.

The sessions at the conference have focused on modeling (which have included GIS, my specialty), impact assessment and adaptation. One of the shifts in the last 20 years seems to have been a slow change in perspective from mitigation (lessening the impacts of climate change: primary by reducing greenhouse gases) to one of adaptation (seeing that we’re not doing very well at mitigating, reducing the bad effects that climate change will have on human populations).

All comments relating to this subject are solely mine and are not reflective of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, nor the Ontario Public Service.

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