The Morning Walk

I’m known at my place of business as one who likes to walk; rather than parking in our main parking lot, I like to park on the other side of the Humber River and walk though the forested area to get to work. It helps me to transition at the beginning and end of my day; rather than abruptly shifting gears (home to drive to work) I have a built in buffer that gives me fifteen minutes to relax and switch my perspective. It not only gives me a wee bit of movement at the beginning and the end of my day, but I’ve seen a variety of wildlife: mostly ducks and geese, but also the occasional deer or fox or heron. At right is the view the morning of the year’s biggest early snowfall (and it’s not even winter yet!).

Note on the left side of the picture is our Arkansas Razorback antenna decoration: we call him “Chitlin”

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