A Glass of Wine…

I’ll bet a lot of my pictures will be things that Tim has cooked or otherwise created this year…

Today is no exception. We had intended to share the wine on New Year’s Eve, but someone was a little too tired to make it all the way to midnight. Then New Year’s Day we went to see a movie (The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies), and it was not for a couple of days we managed to crack open a bottle of bubbly. We had some dumplings and some salad… and note the alfalfa sprouts, which Tim had home-grown since Christmas. (Next time he does some sprouts, I’ll get pictures.) 

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3 Responses to A Glass of Wine…

  1. DA Gerrald says:

    What’s in the dumplings? 🙂 I have been known to grow my own mung bean sprouts for Thai food … but I would love to see some photos and instructions on how he successfully does his alfalfa sprouts. Looks like it was yummy!

    • geographer70 says:

      Mung bean sprouts are yummy! As for the dumplings, we bought them pre-packaged here at a local grocery store. I believe they are called jaiozi, a kind of Chinese dumpling. These ones were sweet corn and pork, but we bought several different kinds. (They were on sale.:-) )

      • DA Gerrald says:

        Eating internationally from your own stove is so much fun! I missed that accessibility to international markets in my last town, but it’s easy again here in PDX.

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