Je suis Charlie

The terrorist attacks on the “Charlie Hebdo” offices in Paris were a lot of things: but the only adjective that I can decide on as I’m writing is “evil”. Ungodly. The complete opposite of any righteousness described by any word of God, including the Koran. Rather than avenging Mohammed, the attackers have added injury to insult. Around the world, there have been hundreds (thousands) of opinions published reflecting on different aspects of the attack: from big newspapers to individual blogs. It is good to see the rallying support around the families of the victims and the idea of freedom of speech: but terrible to know that a minority are just as supportive of the terrorists. The worldliness that motivates such attacks has no connection to faith or following God, but only with arrogance, ignorance and the flesh.

I know that the terrorists hoped to demonstrate the strength and the power of their position: but all they have done is to illustrate the weakness of their personal faith. If they have to rely on force and bullets, their faith is simple and rooted in fear. Their faith (rather than Islam itself) is too flimsy to stand on its own.

I’ve fallen a bit behind on my daily images, precisely because I wasn’t sure what to do with this event. I wanted to express support for the families of the victims and for freedom of speech: and part of that includes a desire not to infringe on others’ intellectual property. But I did not find time to attend a rally or other demonstration, so I had no access to relevant imagery. Until I found these, published under the “Creative Commons License” and requiring attribution (which I believe I’ve just achieved) by Gerry Lauzon on Flickr.

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