Easter Morning 2015

Easter is a special time for me and for my family: a time of rebirth and renewal. This year I attended a sunrise service; the first time at my current church (Saint Johns York Mills). About a dozen of us attended; it had snowed overnight and so it was crisp and cold. The sky was overcast so it was hard to tell as dawn was approaching: but the sky was radiant for those moments around sunrise, as you can see in the pictures.

It was a quiet time, but one I was glad to spend with other pilgrims. We relived what it might have been like for the people who discovered the empty tomb, all those years ago. And I tried to imagine what it would have been like, to have Jesus body suddenly disappear, not sure what had happened, all those questions just coming forth. With two thousand years of church history under our collective belts, it’s hard to remember what it must have been like to be standing there on that first Easter, with more questions than answers.

And yet, we have questions today. They are different questions, certainly, but the answers are no more set in stone than they were all those years and centuries ago. In fact, we’re discovering that some of those answers that we assumed were solid have a little more flexibility than we would like. Those would seem to be some of the answers for today: we need to learn to live in uncertainty. As in all ages, we need to balance holiness with love. Sometimes it seems to be a path that is as narrow as a knife-edge: but it is always there. We are called to find it and to lead others.

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