Stormy afternoon!

The cold front just came through; the rain came pouring down and our gutters held on to their purpose, channelling many litres of rainwater into the gutter. The storm was an intense few minutes, but it’s past now.  Our moose water gauge was under the trees, and still caught an inch of water. Now the sun is coming out.

Of course, Tim is watching his sports… if Serena loses or the Blue Jays bomb (or both!) then he won’t be much fun to be around tonight. We’ll have to keep him in the kitchen, making pizza.

I had just enough time to take some pictures to add to this post. Quite the storm; but we’re ready if (when) people show up. The top picture is out the back door (you can see the reflection of the living room light in the window); the bottom picture is our drainspout being overwhelmed.

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