Wake Up Day: Afterwards

First of all I want to thank all those who sent their warm wishes for “Wake Up Day”. In spite of the traditional May activity of the weather, this was probably the wettest event that we’ve had since the first. There were storms all afternoon here in Toronto; nothing like what they’ve had in parts of Texas and Oklahoma, but rough enough. We decided to move the patty inside; to cook as much as we could outside, but we knew that we would be battling wet conditions out there. We were quite fortunate that between the first visitor to arrive and the last to leave, there was minimal precipitation.

I took a few more pictures this year, though I must admit that it was difficult; photography for me is usually something of an escape, something that I do in order to watch from the background and not feel compelled to interact. But this is a time when I felt more comfortable talking to people and helping them get the lay of the household. Once we started to bring out the food, there were lots of introductions and explanations, and I barely had time to take pictures.

I did get a couple beforehand. I wanted to get some when we served the shrimp boil; turned out that I only remembered when it was almost gone. When we first served that platter, it was piled high with shrimp and potatoes and mushrooms, all perfectly seasoned: in memory of events we used to share with friends from the Arkansas Highway Department. It’s good to see traditions so readily translated from one place to another.

Since the weather was so bad we got a number of regrets; some people were worried about moving indoors because of the cats. We tried to be sensitive to allergies, but there was only so much we could do. There were probably about fifteen people here, and I believe that we all enjoyed ourselves.

More pictures are on my Flickr site.

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