A few weeks ago I watched The Nature of Things, with David Suzuki, one of my favourite Canadian educatoprs. The subject was the lowly beaver, and I learned a lot. (As I said in my last post, I prefer to watch programs that are educational.) Through the history of Canada, beavers have been a significant resource, then endangered: and later a nuisance and a pest. But with the current unstoppable move toward global warming and increasing drought, suddenly we are discovering that they are useful from an economic perspective. They have been reintroduced to areas where they’ve been decimated, and the result has been unexpected environmental benefits. I was fascinated by the hour presentation.

One of reasons I bring this up is that I’ve also heard rumour (unconfirmed: but rumours often have root in not-yet-disclosed facts) that CBC, our prime Canadian network, is “poised to dramatically scale back production of its cutting-edge documentaries.” I’ve loved these documentaries since I was a kid; they are one of the reasons I pursued a career in science. I’m hoping this isn’t true, but nonetheless think it’s important to take a stand… in support of challenging and educational broadcasting. Please consider adding your name to the petition: as of this writing the sponsors are 92% of the way to their goal of 75,000 signatures. Let’s help them reach their goal.

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