R3: You keep using that word…

I’m posting on the reasons I won’t vote for Stephen Harper and his party:

It was a surreal experience. I was listening to Mr. Harper’s words as he announced the next election: “”Everybody knows the election date and the campaigns of the other parties, as near as I can tell, have already begun… I’m beginning our campaign today.” (quoting Stephen Harper, Justin Lim). I could only gasp. Because… well, I’m not the biggest TV-watcher in the world, but I’m consumed by the boob-tube more than I like… and I’ve really only seen one commercial related to the election, running for at least the last two weeks. The “Justin Trudeau… he’s just not ready” commercial, referred to below. A silly commercial, honestly: I’d argue that Mr. Trudeau has far more practical experience on the ground than Mr. Harper has from his ivory tower any day.

But that’s just me. More important, the commercial was obviously scripted, constructed and funded (directly or indirectly) by conservatives, and the conservative party. The barely visible intro says, “Ths message authorized and paid for by the Conservative Fund Canada, registered Agent for the Conservative Party of Canada”. You’re “beginning” when, Mr. Harper? This YouTube video is dated three months ago.

So my question is: if I’m to believe Mr. Harper’s words (“beginning our campaign today”), is he oblivious to what the rest of his party is doing? Are they sneaking around behind his back? Does he not expect the rest of the country to see the incongruity? Does he regard us as that stupid? Or is he deliberately misleading the people… spinning his rhetoric so poorly that that the yarn breaks in his hands?

I’m reminded of the words from “The Princess Bride: “You keep using that word. I do not think that it means what you think it means.”

Either way, Stephen Harper is not fit to lead this country.

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