R4: Difficult Decisions

I’m posting on the reasons I won’t vote for Stephen Harper and his party:

In his speech about the necessity for a long election for this cycle, Mr. Harper spoke of “difficult decisions” and hard choices necessary to keep “our economy strong and our country safe”. He claimed to be the only one who is able to take these difficult situations and balance our interests, taking his time to come to those tough conclusions. I have to admit that I rather cringed when I heard those words; I was reminded of Pat Robertson (Orlando Sentinel, 2007), Mike Huckabee and James Dobson (Family Talk, undated): all men who’ve tried to come across as stern yet compassionate father-figures who “know best”, but have only succeeded in becoming authoritative, arrogant and controlling renegades. Much like Mr. Harper. Apparently some believe him, and they want him to make the “difficult decisions” for the rest of us. As though this were his country, not our country. I guess I’m a bit confused: I always thought that those whom we vote into power are supposed to represent us in parliament, and to vote reflecting the way we would vote: not to use any superior gift to figure out what would be “best” for us in the long run.

Because these decisions aren’t really that “difficult”: but they become much more “difficult” from Harper’s perspective. When he’s trying to please the rich minority rather than the more moderate minority… and in particular when he’s trying to pretend to relate to the poor. When life is more difficult for all but the top ten percent, but he needs that middle half to vote for him as well. When he’s trying to exploit the environment in spite of popular and scientific consensus. When he’s trying to instill quietly restrictive principles into law that will constrain everyone but him, and those who see the world like him. Yes, trying to walk that fine line of maintaining his monarchy while keeping the rest of us deceived into thinking that it’s “four our own good”: that must be difficult.

I can only pray that it’s difficult enough to stop him before he concentrates too much power in his cohorts, lest we lose what was once a free and loving country.

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