R10: Harper is Transphobic

TransGender Symbol ColorI’m posting on the reasons I won’t vote for Stephen Harper and his party:

Common among conservative MPs who are afraid of what they don’t understand, Mr. Harper stands against transgender rights. In 2013, a “bill that would make it illegal to discriminate against transgender Canadians was approved by the House of Commons” with the help of 18 members of the Conservative Party: not including the Prime Minister, who staunchly voted against it (Huffington Post, 2013). This bill has since been stalled in Senate (Globe and Mail, 2014), and ultimately “gutted” by people who did not understand its nature (CBC, 2015). Although several amendments were proposed, most were quite acceptable: except for one that shattered the heart of the bill.

Called by some “the bathroom bill”, many conservatives “worry” that this bill will allow men to sneak into women’s bathrooms and claim they are transgender: which would be as illegal after the bill is passed as before. Conservatives know this, but thier accusations and distorted discussion helps to fuel the distrust and ignorance about what it is to be transgender. Some of the key places where the amendment would provide exemptions from this bill would be places like prisons, crisis centres and public washrooms… which are exactly where this bill is most needed.

Harper believes that his being cis-gendered (his gender expression matches his genetic gender) is “normal” and “natural”. He doesn’t realize how his focus on gender as a simple binary prevents him from fully understanding the full breadth of nature, human society and our country.

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