R11: Harper Ended Parliament for Personal Gain

I’m posting on the reasons I won’t vote for Stephen Harper and his party:

The year was 2009, right at the end and into 2010: a little more than five years ago. Harper prorogued parliament, ending the session and all associated active work for two months, January and February. I was part of a rally back then to protest the termination of our government’s work (Bowles, 2010; Flicker, 2010). Ostensibly done to prepare for the budget in March (I don’t need, nor can I afford to take, two months to prepare my budget, for work or self: I don’t know why we should tolerate such waste from Harper), critics said that it was done to avoid having to answer questions and to keep from declassifying documents related to what the government knew of torture during the Afghan detainee affair (Globe and Mail, 2011). This ended all actions, efforts and processes being conducted by the government: so that anything that had been established (and even almost finished) had to go back to square one. A colossal waste of time: and primarily in order to derail questions about Harper’s knowledge of our military’s actions in Afghanistan.

And it worked. Harper never had to answer for his actions or knowledge regarding what was done in Afghanistan; questions fell flat, documents released were mostly censored. The detainee probe was “stonewalled” (Globe and Mail, 2012). Harper’s success in this “war” was really parallel to George Bush’s in the states. (I’m sure he’d be flattered by the comparison: but that is not intended.) It’s bad enough that he eliminated months of work by the government: but we let him. We, the citizens of Canada, are thus as complicit in those war crimes as Harper was. As he said in 2010: “People don’t care about Afghan detainee issue” (The Star, 2010).

Let’s prove him wrong Canada. We care: let’s show him.

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