R60: The Polls

As most of us have probably noticed in the last few days, Harper’s Conservatives have been rising in the polls. This was probably predicted by the Conservative PR and election teams: and was one of the reasons for the longest election in modern Canadian history (Bowles, 2015). they knew how short the Canadian collective memory is, and they counted on it. They knew that during an election period, other parties are hampered by limits in spending. Because the Conservatives are the party of the rich, they have the most in their coffers and are able to spend the most on advertizing, social manipulation and twisting the truth. And if we are to believe there is any accuracy in these polls, it would seem to be working.

The primary reason I’m less than frightened by the polls is because I believe there are a lot of people like me across the extent of our country. I suppose I’m an independent: and we have power this year. As long as we vote. There are a lot of us out there who are not necessarily sure who we will vote for: but we are sure who we don’t want to lead our country. We tend to be progressive, and we’re torn with regard to our priorities. So “if the election were held today”: I’m not sure who I’d vote for. The fact is, it’s not being held today. I still have time to decide.

The problem is: we’re also the least likely to actually vote. We may even think it’s vitally important, but we might be so torn on election day that we miss our window of opportunity. The Harper Conservatives are counting on this: it is one of the reasons they achieved majority in the last election. And why they made this the longest election they could, so we’re just fed up with the whole thing. I hope that our low turn-out for elections is not because we don’t care, but because we can’t decide. And with the manipulation of advertising, we end up just not going to the polls.

Let’s prove them wrong, Canada. Let’s show them what our values are. Let’s get out and vote.

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