R61: My Birthday

Elections are times when we have to consider the state of our country from a perspective that is minimally personal: what is best for Canada from a national, international and global viewpoint. As far as I’m concerned, Stephen Harper is the worst candidate from such community-minded positions: his primary appeal is the economy (capitalizing on the individual’s desire for money and wealth) and security (capitalizing on the individual’s fear of what we don’t understand). He leads Canada as though it were a nation of individuals, bent on maximizing their individual profit at the expense of all else. At the expense of that which is Canadian. This can be easily seen in the rising gap between the rich and the poor… which is getting wider faster in Canada than it is in the U.S. (Policy Alternatives, 2012; The Star, 2015): perhaps the fastest in the world. Harper’s policies have encouraged the concentration of wealth at the expense of the middle class. His policies encourage distrust of each other and destroy natural Canadian diversity.

October 2nd is my birthday. The gift that I would most like this year would be to have a new Prime Minister. But I realize that no-one reading this post will have the power to give me that. Therefore, I am going to ask only one thing. That all my friends go out and vote. Reflect your values. That way, no matter what happens, democracy will have worked. Our next leaders and his (her) values will be a reflection of our national desires and our hopes. I pray that those desires and hopes reflect a community effort and nationwide concern for each other, but that’s mostly up to you.

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