When I was first deciding to write about what I was thankful for, I knew the first element was going to be my husband. Tim and I embarked on a wonderful trip together a decade and a half ago. Just yesterday I was talking to a friend at work: and she described how we had first met at a “Chili Cookoff” a couple of years ago, and how I had described my chili as having been made by my husband. She said she did a double take… I keep forgetting that my family structure can be a bit of a surprise… but immediately understood that my family was just a bit different. I don’t really remember that meeting, which only means that her outward reaction was relatively normal.

But beyond that, I’m also thankful for my first wife. That might seem strange, but she taught me a lot. Often in our lives, times that we learn the most coincide with difficulty and conflict. My ex-wife was (and is) a wonderful, godly woman. She stuck with me through a lot, and although we’re no longer together I’m thankful I can look back at happy times in those years.

2. I’m thankful for both my spouses, present and past.

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2 Responses to Spouses

  1. Sylvia says:

    I think it’s a tribute to you, Ian, that you are in the position of being able to be thankful for both of them. It’s never easy to be friends or to appreciate an ex and I’m sure a lot of it is attitude and care and compassion for other people and you have that.

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