Most of my readers will know that I was not very happy with Stephen Harper and his leadership of Canada’s Conservative Government when it came to the last electionon October 19th. Indeed, I started a twitter hashtag where I intended to list the 77 reasons (one for every day of his extended campaign) that he should not be elected, at 77xHarper. I only managed about 30 of them (see the WordPress listing), but it was enough. The people of Canada agreed, and the Conservatives were overwhelmed. Harper’s effect on my country has been slashed.

Thus we got a new government, that represented by Justin Trudeau. I look forward to seeing what they will do with their newfound power. I hope that they will look beyond simple partisan opinions in identifying where they will lead the country, but their power is just beginning. The ministers return to work today, and we’ll see how they can work together to fulfil their promises. I’m wary, but hopeful. Tired of being ignored by leaders, looking forward to change.

3. I’m thankful for political change.

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